Say “I DO” to Undone Bridal Hair

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 Don’t Want to Look Like Your Cake Topper? Ditch the Updo & Go Undone

You’ve found the man, the dress, and shoes, but you haven’t found the  bridal hair that makes you want to say “I do.”  So what do you do?  My guess is you’re the kind of girl that doesn’t like the idea of a wedding “updo”:  the kind of style that is teased and hairsprayed with ringlets to boot, like you just stepped off the set of a Shakespeare play.  Then again, you want your bridal hair to feel special and unique for the big day.  What’s the solution?

Say “I do” to “undone” hair.  That sexy, seemingly effortless, but absolutely perfect hair that makes a woman look chic but rocker sexy,  sophisticated but youthful.  Okay, I’ve sold you, but now the question is, what does it look like and how do you get it?

How to?  Take simple iconic styles and amp them up with volume and texture and voila:  sexy, undone, wedding worthy hair!

Ideas for Styles:

Relaxed waves for Sedona Bridal Hair

1.  Beach waves:  Use texture styling product like Bumble Texture Cream or Paul Mitchell Texturizing Sea Spray.  These products contain sea salt, which helps to duplicate that undone, beachy  wave look.  While every hairstylist has a preference of styling tool, I recommend the flat iron to create those perfect waves.

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2.Messy Bun:  This isn’t just your, “I just woke up and threw my hair up” kind of messy bun, but a strategically, messy and sexy look.  First get those perfect beach waves mentioned above, then let your stylist work his/her magic.  The key to this look are the imperfections, crooked part, face framing whisps are the unique additions that make this bridal look undone and beautiful.

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3. Effortless (but Chic) Pony:  Forget about a pony tail you would wear to the gym, or on the school yard as a little girl, we’re talking a sexy and glamorous pony that’s red carpet worthy.  The key to this look is volume, texture, and your best quality:  confidence.




Say goodbye to brick stiff hair and pounds of hair pins: iconic, sexy, and very simple looks can make a huge statement for your wedding day hair.  With hair that’s so beautiful and understated, you can make a statement with a glamorous dress and jewelry, or just go for a sexy and simple overall look.  With hair this effortless and timeless, you’ll be sure to look super stylish, and feel like yourself, not to mention saving yourself a headache and hours of pulling out pins.

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